It feels like I have a never-ending list of letters, notes, gifts and cards to send in the mail. Especially now that we've moved 850+ miles away from family and friends, the list is getting longer.

I have witnessed, experienced and even read about the power of gratitude and intentional kindness. When I was creating stationery this time last year, I had a box full of cards and envelopes to send out at the drop of a dime. Lately, I am so guilty of forgetting some special birthdays and sending out thank you cards way too late or (gasp) not even sending them at all. I am not proud of this and realize a change is needed.

I'm thinking if I write everything down and re-stock my stationery box I may be able to get a better handle on this. And currently I'm on a let's-get-organized-and-make-lists-for-everything kick,  so I created a Love & Gratitude pdf along with a Special Dates to Remember pdf to get back on track.

I am just now starting to use them and find relief that I am that much closer to showing my love and gratitude to the ones who deserve it and to the ones I miss.

To download the Love & Gratitude pdf click HERE, to download the Special Dates to Remember pdf, click HERE.

To re-stock my stationery collection, here are some of my favorite thank you and greeting cards (links for each below).

  1. Quill & Fox 
  2. Wit & Whistle
  3. Rifle Paper Co.
  4. Poketo
  5. Brooklyn Tweed
  6. Ma & Grandy
  7. Little Alexander
  8. Moorea Seal