Beautiful-Wallpaper-Download In case you haven't noticed on my instagram feed, I love flowers. Any chance I get I photograph them, smell them, pick them and enjoy everything about them. The beauty of flowers captivates me.

But it's not just flowers that are beautiful to me. My clients bravery and courage when they take the leap and quit their day job is beautiful, my family and everything they do is beautiful, my husbands smile and kind heart is beautiful, my neighbors friendliness is beautiful, my back yard is beautiful, my students are beautiful and even the bad things can be beautiful.

So here's a wallpaper download that I created for myself (it's on my desktop right now) and for you to remind us that everything is beautiful. Happy Friday!

PS: Speaking of beautiful, this blog post by Shalmai, a very talented and sweet client of mine, was amazingly beautiful.






In a few weeks I'll teach my first watercolor class. If you're in Nashville, come paint some food, fruit and herbs with me and learn exclusive tips and techniques on how to paint with beautiful and delicate watercolor. Sign up for the class here.

If you're not in Nashville and want me to come to your city and teach a class, check out my workshop page here.

A little side note: I used a brush pen to create the "watercolor" lettering, doesn't it look great?! And yes, I will be teaching a class on brush lettering very soon.

How about you - are you teaching or attending any classes, if so what are they? Need a few tips on how to prep for your class? Read more here.



It feels like I have a never-ending list of letters, notes, gifts and cards to send in the mail. Especially now that we've moved 850+ miles away from family and friends, the list is getting longer.

I have witnessed, experienced and even read about the power of gratitude and intentional kindness. When I was creating stationery this time last year, I had a box full of cards and envelopes to send out at the drop of a dime. Lately, I am so guilty of forgetting some special birthdays and sending out thank you cards way too late or (gasp) not even sending them at all. I am not proud of this and realize a change is needed.

I'm thinking if I write everything down and re-stock my stationery box I may be able to get a better handle on this. And currently I'm on a let's-get-organized-and-make-lists-for-everything kick,  so I created a Love & Gratitude pdf along with a Special Dates to Remember pdf to get back on track.

I am just now starting to use them and find relief that I am that much closer to showing my love and gratitude to the ones who deserve it and to the ones I miss.

To download the Love & Gratitude pdf click HERE, to download the Special Dates to Remember pdf, click HERE.

To re-stock my stationery collection, here are some of my favorite thank you and greeting cards (links for each below).

  1. Quill & Fox 
  2. Wit & Whistle
  3. Rifle Paper Co.
  4. Poketo
  5. Brooklyn Tweed
  6. Ma & Grandy
  7. Little Alexander
  8. Moorea Seal