Finding Inspiration - Hatching Illustration I recently started a project with my husband that involves illustration for his new brand, business and websites (more on this soon). As we gathered images and inspiration to guide our vision, the illustrations that captured what we were looking for the most was a sketch, hatch-like illustration. The look is polished with ink, but maintains a very loose, playful and childlike feeling to it.

Typically hatch, or cross-hatching, is where lines criss-cross each other to give one dimensional ink, two dimensions. But instead of crossing these lines, they're simply a block of lines next to another block of lines in a different direction or layered above and below each other.

Finding Inspiration | Hatching Illustration 1

Hatching techniques

hatching techniques - finding illustration - hatching illustration

You can see a little more closely on the ladies tights above that they're filled in black. But instead of filling them completely in with black ink, the hatching illustration style gives them depth, movement and texture. And on the image with the heads and bottles, you'll see the hatch style is stacked.

Both styles I really like and plan to use them to continue my illustration work.

From the top image, starting at the left then zig-zagging to bottom right, here are the artists that created this beautiful work:

  1. Irana Douer
  2. Bloeme van Bon
  3. Tokie Lin
  4. Jen Collins
  5. Tokie Lin
  6. Julia Pott
  7. Josephin Ritschel
  8. Daniela Dahf Henríquez
  9. Adriana Lozano
  10. Lauren Nassef
  11. Frida Stenmark

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