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Book Illustration Ideas - Finding Inspiration One of my dearest friends and I are working together on a book. She wrote it, I'm illustrating and designing it. This book is full of inspiration, motivational words and so many beautiful things that the artwork has to reflect that same beauty.

I've pulled together some ideas for the artwork. I'm thinking of combining simple line illustrations with washy watercolor elements.

I cant wait to share with you more on this project as it unfolds. For now, check out these amazing artists that created the beautiful work above (starting from top-left, ending on bottom-right):

  1. John Marin
  2. Rosemarie Auberson
  3. Mathilde Aubier
  4. Clare Elsaesser
  5. Mathilde Aubier
  6. Satsuki Shibuya
  7. Alicia Galer
  8. Maria Elina
  9. Ningeokuluk Teevee
  10. Giada Ganassin
  11. Jay Dart

See more of my favorite illustrations and paintings here.


Finding Inspiration - Hatching Illustration I recently started a project with my husband that involves illustration for his new brand, business and websites (more on this soon). As we gathered images and inspiration to guide our vision, the illustrations that captured what we were looking for the most was a sketch, hatch-like illustration. The look is polished with ink, but maintains a very loose, playful and childlike feeling to it.

Typically hatch, or cross-hatching, is where lines criss-cross each other to give one dimensional ink, two dimensions. But instead of crossing these lines, they're simply a block of lines next to another block of lines in a different direction or layered above and below each other.

Finding Inspiration | Hatching Illustration 1

Hatching techniques

hatching techniques - finding illustration - hatching illustration

You can see a little more closely on the ladies tights above that they're filled in black. But instead of filling them completely in with black ink, the hatching illustration style gives them depth, movement and texture. And on the image with the heads and bottles, you'll see the hatch style is stacked.

Both styles I really like and plan to use them to continue my illustration work.

From the top image, starting at the left then zig-zagging to bottom right, here are the artists that created this beautiful work:

  1. Irana Douer
  2. Bloeme van Bon
  3. Tokie Lin
  4. Jen Collins
  5. Tokie Lin
  6. Julia Pott
  7. Josephin Ritschel
  8. Daniela Dahf Henríquez
  9. Adriana Lozano
  10. Lauren Nassef
  11. Frida Stenmark

See more illustrations here and to see a peek into my drawing, painting and illustrative work, go here.


finding-inspiration-001-3 finding-inspiration-001-2



Finding Inspiration is a hunt that's never off season. Before a big week of creating art, illustration and visual direction for my clients, I dip into my Pinterest boards seeking out my favorite styles of inspiration: illustrations of people, abstract brush strokes and real photographs of artists doing their thing.

Where do you find inspiration before a big project?

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alone-time-self-love-1 I like my alone time. And lately I found myself depleted, forgetting how important it is to make time for myself.

It energizes me, gives me strength and inspires creative thought. My husband heard that introverts find contentment and inspiration when alone and extroverts find the same but when they're socializing. I don't like to label myself as an introvert, but I do love to be home and find relevancy in that statement.

I remember when I was younger my family used to call me the "cellar dweller" because my bedroom was in the basement of our house and I spent most of time there.

The past few weeks have been full of long work days preparing for this blog to go live (yay, it's finally live!) and working on completing several projects with other creatives. Seriously, I had 3 or 4 projects all finishing up at the same time as my blog launch. It was crazy and a bit insane, but wow what awesome work we created!

With both my husband and I being self-employed and working from home - I find it hard to easily find time alone. Staying home (when he goes out) is sometimes the only "alone time" I get. Often I choose to stay home but in reality, by the time he leaves the house, it's 8 or 9pm at night and I am too tired to be creative or read.

So today I'm taking the day off from work and making it an official "alone time day". I automatically feel 10lbs lighter and full of wonder - daydreaming about what my perfect alone time day would look like. It would definitely include drinking lots of tea, reading, spending time outside, writing, drawing, brainstorming and sending letters of gratitude. Maybe even donating blood, roasting veggies, making herbal tinctures, reading the local paper, going to the library...the list goes on.

What are you doing for yourself today? What does your perfect alone time day look like?