Breathe The past several weeks, even the last few months, have been f u l l.

Full of...

  • appointment, meetings, cleaning and prepping for our home to be appraised and inspected in order for us to purchase our current home
  • connecting with Nashville creatives and intention on building a community
  • planning and leading my first all woman's retreat in the woods of Winchester, TN (in just a few weeks!)
  • collaborations and new projects
  • exploring painting and creating abstract art
  • bringing on my talented intern and in-house photographer
  • planning out my new business, brand and services

On top of these exciting and inspiring things, unexpected turns come up too. Like enduring my second miscarriage and testing on why it happened, anticipating a serious test regarding my mother's health and caring for my husband's unplanned surgery.

So many feelings of gratitude, clarity, excitement mixed with overwhelm, concern and anxiety come and go.

I don't know if things will ever get lighter or less busy as I grow. But I do know that reminding myself to breathe, to listen to my heart, to talk about my feelings and to follow my dreams has me balanced and pushing on.

Breathe. Let go. And remind yourself that this very moment is the only one you know you have for sure. - Oprah Winfrey

This blog is still a place I love to visit to share my knowledge, dreams and latest creations on. But as I push through a full and wildly productive moment in my life, you can find more current updates on me on my Instagram.


Photo by my girl Allison