Collective-Calligraphy Imagine a calligraphy class. Now imagine it in a beautifully curated home, with amazing food and drinks, with a bunch of people gathered together. Sounds amazing right? My thought exactly.

We're calling it Collective Calligraphy because it's more than just a class. It's about being social, gathering around food and drinks and learning new things.

Hosted and created by Amber Turner, this event will be held in East Nashville on May 21st from 6:30-8:30pm at Amber's beautiful rental home. For a $110 per person, you receive 2 hours of socializing, food & drinks, a full calligraphy lesson and a calligraphy kit to use that night and bring home with you. Not only will you receive the full calligraphy class - like the ones I  typically teach with The Skillery (BTW those classes are all sold out!) - you also get the opportunity to interact with me (and 15 others) and receive one-on-one tips and guidance throughout the event. Register here.

Food will be catered by the talented Evie Coates, known for her events here in Nashville.



Amber's goal is to create a community in which we can develop an exciting skill, relax in a beautiful environment with delicious food and drinks, and make connections with others that will travel outside the doors of the workshop. This event being her first, Amber plans to infuse each event with thoughtful details to create an experience for all your senses.



For those of you who don't know me, I moved to Nashville September 2013 and began teaching calligraphy and other creative classes shortly after. I love to explore and learn ways to create and enjoy sharing what I've learned with creatives like you. Read more about what I do on the daily here.


I can't wait to share a toast, food and calligraphy skills with you! Register here for the event and feel free to send me an email if you have any questions. Cheers!

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TEACHING-Calligraphy Tomorrow I teach my first calligraphy class. I am both excited and nervous. Excited because ever since I was little I wanted to be an art teacher. I am nervous because this is my first calligraphy and my first adult class.

I have experience teaching cosmetology classes and art classes for children, but never adults. There is so much left to wonder - like will they like the class, will they leave the class feeling inspired and feel like they actually learned something, will they like me, will they have fun, will they love calligraphy, the list goes on.

So as the day approaches, here are some things I am doing to prepare for my class:

  1. Decide on a location - I will be holding my class at Fort Houston, an amazing industrial style space full of creatives from woodworkers to printers to photographers to metalworkers.
  2. Choose a price - I had some help from The Skillery (the organization I am teaching through) with pinpointing a price that fits the class offering, time and end deliverables.
  3. Plan ahead - I have written 2 or 3 check lists that have everything I need to bring, to what I still need to get for refreshments.
  4. Promote it - Share your class on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook and on your blog. Create a Facebook event and mention it to friends.
  5. Write out a detailed agenda - Down to the 15 minute mark, I have my class planned out from the moment I walk in and set-up to the moment I clean up and leave.
  6. Create worksheets - Some people learn from seeing, others learn from hearing it. Be sure to have worksheets for those that need to see it.
  7. Surprise them - A great tip suggested by The Skillery was to give them an unexpected surprise. From snacks and refreshments to a bonus activity at the end of class, I am ready.

How about you, have you taught a class? If so what steps to you take to prep? What classes are you teaching?