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Chalk-Lettering-Become-Your-Dream-SM I love walking into restaurants and creative spaces and seeing a chalkboard with detail, beautiful lettering and illustration. It shows the business cares about detail, presentation and wants to create a beautiful space for you to dwell in.

This Saturday, June 28th 2014,  I'll be teaching you how to create your own chalkboard art with my Chalk Lettering Workshop. The class will cover the basics of hand-lettering, calligraphy and illustration but instead of pencil and paper we're going to use chalk and a blackboard. Each student will receive a chalkboard and chalk to play with and take home to keep.

I want you to join us and check out the new space at The Skillery - so I'm giving away one ticket! To enter:

  1. Like my Facebook page
  2. Leave a note in the comments below with what you plan to create with your new chalk lettering skills

The winner will be announced on June 26th at 12pm CST.

This class is part of Craft Camp at The Skillery's new space. Craft Camp is full-day event that begins Saturday morning with jewelry making and silk scarf painting, then linocut printmaking, crepe paper flower creating, block printing, felting, and finishing of the day with chalk-lettering, stamping and S'MORES! Yup, s'mores. See more on Craft Camp here.


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You know when you run into a friend randomly that you're in a familiar place. This happened to me last week for the first time here in Nashville. And again this week.

If you follow me on Instagram, you've probably watched the slow transition of us moving from Ithaca, NY to Nashville, TN. Digging up your roots to replant them in a new city is scary, exciting, crazy, stressful, amazing, hard and beautiful. But things are finally starting to feel like home.

We've got our Tennessee tags and licenses, we're navigating the city without our GPS, our guest room has had 3 visitors, we've hosted 2 house parties and several dinner parties, we've sang karaoke with the locals, we've danced to bluegrass while they filmed a music video, we're going to live music that never came through our small town, we're getting to know our super creative, talented and ready-for-big-things community, I started to teach art classes with The Skillery, I attended my first conference as a presenter, I starting collaborating with these talented Nashville ladies and was just asked to contribute illustrations and lettering for a local magazine. Nick's manifested his music into vinyl, is recording with some really talented musicians and bands, formed his own band, has his first show next Tuesday (!!!) and has even played bass in a recording session with Jars of Clay members.

I'm proud of us. We did it.

We're growing and accomplishing dreams we hoped we could moving here. We're pretty darn happy and grateful we took the big leap of faith to move to a new state, so far from home. It couldn't be clearer how right this move was for us.

We're home, in Nashville for good.


TEACHING-Calligraphy Tomorrow I teach my first calligraphy class. I am both excited and nervous. Excited because ever since I was little I wanted to be an art teacher. I am nervous because this is my first calligraphy and my first adult class.

I have experience teaching cosmetology classes and art classes for children, but never adults. There is so much left to wonder - like will they like the class, will they leave the class feeling inspired and feel like they actually learned something, will they like me, will they have fun, will they love calligraphy, the list goes on.

So as the day approaches, here are some things I am doing to prepare for my class:

  1. Decide on a location - I will be holding my class at Fort Houston, an amazing industrial style space full of creatives from woodworkers to printers to photographers to metalworkers.
  2. Choose a price - I had some help from The Skillery (the organization I am teaching through) with pinpointing a price that fits the class offering, time and end deliverables.
  3. Plan ahead - I have written 2 or 3 check lists that have everything I need to bring, to what I still need to get for refreshments.
  4. Promote it - Share your class on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook and on your blog. Create a Facebook event and mention it to friends.
  5. Write out a detailed agenda - Down to the 15 minute mark, I have my class planned out from the moment I walk in and set-up to the moment I clean up and leave.
  6. Create worksheets - Some people learn from seeing, others learn from hearing it. Be sure to have worksheets for those that need to see it.
  7. Surprise them - A great tip suggested by The Skillery was to give them an unexpected surprise. From snacks and refreshments to a bonus activity at the end of class, I am ready.

How about you, have you taught a class? If so what steps to you take to prep? What classes are you teaching?