the-wilderness-project A photographer and previous branding client of mine contacting me recently with an idea. She explained that her vision was to start a project that gave children the opportunity to explore and experience the wilderness in an artful way. Providing each child with a Holga or other film camera, she hopes to encourage a way for the children to express themselves, feel free and find solace.



Helping all children including ones that have lost a family member, suffer from chronic or terminal illness, or face anxiety which inhibits their learning and relationships is her mission. So that one day when life throws them a challenge, they will be more able to face it with success if they know the power of being awake in the wild.

It's like art and nature therapy for children. 

I grew up in very small town surrounded by woods, creeks and cornfields. My siblings and I would spend hours outside, exploring the wild, skipping rocks, jumping creeks, hiding in the cornfields and hiking up a creek to find that waterfall. So I too have experienced first hand how healing and inspirational nature can be.

Heather McKay Bowes asked for my collaboration in this project to create artwork that will be interwoven with photographs taken by the children and of the children and arranged in a book.

In order to get The Wilderness Project going Heather has launched a kickstarted campaign HERE.

To learn a little more about Heather, read an interview I had with her HERE, she's a pretty wonderful and down-to-earth lady that's extremely talented. Seriously, you need to check out her work HERE.

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(All photos by Heather McKay Bowes)