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I miss the days I'd spend an entire evening laying on the floor with headphones on or the speakers positioned to let the sound seep into my ears perfectly listening to an album for the first time. Giving music my undivided attention and committing to the entire album front to back would change me. My mind would create visuals, almost like reels of a movie, of beautiful places, people and things. My subconscious would come alive and my inspiration would expand indefinitely.

These days I still listen to the entirety of an album but it's typically while I'm working and it's through Spotify. I missed my relationship with music. I missed the experience music provided me. I missed supporting talented musicians and their art.

I devised a plan to remedy this; Record Night.

Basically every week Nick and I take turns purchasing a record, and sharing it with one another. We dedicate the night to listening to that album, on our living room floor with the speakers positioned just so. It's kind of like date night expect instead of dinner or a movie, it's music.

Our first night we went to Grimey's record store here in Nashville to pick out a record. I forgot how magical, colorful and inspiring walking through a record store can be. It was Nick's night to choose and he picked the new album Lost in the Dream by The War on Drugs. We had peppermint tea, homemade raw and gluten free donuts (recipe) and escaped to another world that night.

Here's how to have your own Record Night:

  1. Each week choose one night you will dedicate to Record Night
  2. That evening go to your local record shop and pick out and purchase a record you've never listened to
  3. Pick up some wine, snacks, tea, anything special and delicious to enjoy with your record
  4. Go home and spend the night listening to the record from-to-back
  5. Repeat weekly and share with me on instagram #recordnight

Anyone out there have a way they incorporate music into their lives more intentionally?

Side note: To my friend George of Angry Mom Records back in Ithaca, NY - I spotted your record and snapped a picture of it above. Can you find it? And I miss you. And you should come visit. 


music-inspired Music can tear me apart and put me back together. Music can tap into pain that I bury so deep. Music can change my mood instantly, allowing me to absorb beauty, life and all that surrounds me more fully. Music can be the simplest pleasure to the most inspiring indulgence.

Music molds my life and makes me who I am.

I remember when I was younger (maybe age 8 or 12?), I would watch music videos on MTV obsessively. My sister and I would video tape our favorite songs, play them back, write down the lyrics then memorize the words so we could sing along anytime the song came on. We would make endless mix tapes, sticking paper in the holes of the tape edges in order to record over whatever was on the tape itself.

I've always love to sing. When we were really young, my sister hated when I would sing along in the car or at home. She would ask my mom to make me stop, my mom responding with "you never know, your sister may become a rock star/singer when she gets older". This kind of encouragement was always given to us kids from our parents.

Years later, I've had experience promoting and booking shows, blogging about music, interviewing musicians, hosting music and art events and festivals, dating and being friends with many musicians, and even playing music.

Having a history of always being immersed in music keeps me going. Marrying my husband and watching him grow as a musician and giving him advice on how to promote his shows, grow and connect with his fans, sell his merchandise, reach his goals and improve his stage presence are just a few of several ways on how I learned I wanted to coach and visually direct other musicians and artists.

Lady rock, reverb heavy vocals, loud guitars and distorted sounds tend to be my favorite style music to listen to. And because I not-so-secretly want to be a musician I've shared a playlist of some of my favorite female musicians and singers.

Below are the tracks followed by the artist's/band's name. Go to Spotify to listen to the playlist. And check out more inspiring images of live performances and musicians go here.

  1. Goatman - GOAT
  2. Top of the Hill - Conduits
  3. Lord Knows - Dum Dum Girls
  4. Into Black - Blouse
  5. I'm Gone - Tu Fawning
  6. Mezzazine - Lady Lamb the Beekeeper
  7. Split Like a Lip - Buke & Gase
  8. You Wish You Were Red - Trailer Trash Tracys
  9. All the Things - Dark Dark Dark
  10. Be Brave - My Brightest Diamond
  11. Drifting In and Out - Porcelain Raft
  12. PLastic & Powder - Lower Dens
  13. How far We've Come Now - La Sera
  14. 15 - Flock of Dimes
  15. Follow - Blue Hawaii

How about you, what inspires you to the core? What music are you listening to lately?