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I miss the days I'd spend an entire evening laying on the floor with headphones on or the speakers positioned to let the sound seep into my ears perfectly listening to an album for the first time. Giving music my undivided attention and committing to the entire album front to back would change me. My mind would create visuals, almost like reels of a movie, of beautiful places, people and things. My subconscious would come alive and my inspiration would expand indefinitely.

These days I still listen to the entirety of an album but it's typically while I'm working and it's through Spotify. I missed my relationship with music. I missed the experience music provided me. I missed supporting talented musicians and their art.

I devised a plan to remedy this; Record Night.

Basically every week Nick and I take turns purchasing a record, and sharing it with one another. We dedicate the night to listening to that album, on our living room floor with the speakers positioned just so. It's kind of like date night expect instead of dinner or a movie, it's music.

Our first night we went to Grimey's record store here in Nashville to pick out a record. I forgot how magical, colorful and inspiring walking through a record store can be. It was Nick's night to choose and he picked the new album Lost in the Dream by The War on Drugs. We had peppermint tea, homemade raw and gluten free donuts (recipe) and escaped to another world that night.

Here's how to have your own Record Night:

  1. Each week choose one night you will dedicate to Record Night
  2. That evening go to your local record shop and pick out and purchase a record you've never listened to
  3. Pick up some wine, snacks, tea, anything special and delicious to enjoy with your record
  4. Go home and spend the night listening to the record from-to-back
  5. Repeat weekly and share with me on instagram #recordnight

Anyone out there have a way they incorporate music into their lives more intentionally?

Side note: To my friend George of Angry Mom Records back in Ithaca, NY - I spotted your record and snapped a picture of it above. Can you find it? And I miss you. And you should come visit.