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Cape Cod, MA was exactly what I expected. Bright white homes and picket fences embellished with colorful flowers, porches sprinkled with american flags and middle-aged folks dressed in pastel collared shirts with sweaters wrapped around their shoulders.

What I didn't expect was how beautiful the beaches would be. Walking through the sand and snapping these photos got me thinking about the history of the beach and the homes. Why a bunch of boulders were placed along the beach as dividers every 2-3 homes, what these worn out wooden stakes were from and if it's normal to see hundreds of horseshoe crab shells along the beach (I looked it up and it's actually very normal - it's the crab's shell that they've shed during a process known as molting).

The home had a separate wing which appeared to be a maid headquarters. There were intercoms throughout the house for maids and the owner to speak to one another. I wondered who had built the home, if they were famous or just well off. What it was like to build a home on the beach and have maids serve you. If the home was top-of-the-line back then or if it was pretty standard. If the owner planted all of the beautiful shrubs in the backyard or if they're the only things that'll grow in sand diluted ground.

Regardless of the history, we enjoyed the time together with family, lobster rolls and the ocean.


I'm Traveling to Your City Working with creatives & entrepreneurs in-person and face-to-face, sharing with them what I've learned about calligraphy, lettering, art, branding, business and blogging is a very big goal of mine. Currently, I work with creatives from all over the US, utilizing Skype as our main platform of communication. This works great for those "face-to-face" interactions, but I want more in-person and real face-to-face conversations and experiences. I want to work one-on-one with you, intensively, till we get the job done!

In order to make this happen, I'm traveling to your city!

Meaning, I now offer the option for us to work together in-person and one-on-one. The way this works is I either travel to you, or you to me, we work intensively Monday-Friday for 1 to 2 weeks on your project and execute all goals, plan and projects before I leave. This option is great for creatives looking for more in-depth guidance and one-on-one direction. This is also great for those who need their project turned around quickly.

You see, back when I was a hairstylist, I would have 8-10 clients per day that'd I'd meet in-person, have conversations with, develop relationships with and help them look and feel beautiful. I loved this - the connections I would make and the influence I had on their confidence and in their lives - it filled me up.

As the years passed, I felt drained and burned-out. Having meaningful moments and conversations with 6-10 people per day, all while standing for hours on end, was impossible. I realized I couldn't do this forever - it was unsustainable and life-deteriorating.

I shifted focus on other creative endeavors and eventually found success with my Etsy shop. I was able to quit my hairstyling job and focus solely on calligraphy and my Etsy shop full-time (hooray!!). I felt more energized and looked forward to the possibilities of being self-employed.

At first switching from face-to-face, in-person interactions to 100% online interactions was a shock and something I had to get used to. I had so much to learn - from how to write an email that captured my personality & essence to having a conversation on the phone that felt like an in-person interaction. It was tough, but eventually I got better at it and realized that I could utilize Skype to have more of those "face-to-face" conversations I desired.

I miss those connections. And in order to have more real face-to-face, in-person interactions, build relationships and to work one-on-one with other creatives, I'm traveling to you. Not only will I travel to you for projects, I'm also now booking workshops across the US for this fall, winter and spring.

I'll be offering the following workshops:

  • modern calligraphy
  • calligraphy as a business
  • watercolor lettering & painting
  • brush lettering
  • blogging & brand development
  • social media & online growth
  • any ideas - email me!

Here is a current list of cities I've been asked to travel to:

  • NYC
  • New Jersey
  • Ithaca, NY
  • Green Bay, WI
  • Madison, WI
  • Chicago, IL
  • Murfreesboro, TN
  • Atlanta, GA
  • Monterey, CA

Are you interested in having me travel to your city for projects or workshops? Leave a comment below or send me an email with what workshops or projects you're interested in and what city you live in. I can't wait to meet you in-person!

















It's been a while since the two of us took a real vacation. We didn't do much exploring, we took this vacation to do nothing and spend time together.

The first part of the trip was spent with my in-laws at the Grove Park Inn lounging at the spa, getting massages, soaking in hot tubs, and eating delicious food. It was so decadent, beautiful and extremely relaxing. One of the most interesting parts of the stay was the contrast pool in the spa. It had a very hot pool that you rest in for about 10- 15 minutes, then you jump into an ice-cold pool for as long as you can stand (I lasted 30 seconds), then you get back into the hot pool. It leaves your entire body all tingly. The benefits of cold/hot therapy help promote circulation, muscle recovery and mood stimulation. Oh yea, while we were there a small fire occurred in the fireplace. I don't think it was major, but the entire place had to be evacuated for about an hour.

The second half of our vacation was at the Best Western in Fort Walton, Florida. We weren't sure what to expect because we've never been down there before and Best Westerns can sometimes be a hit or miss. But we relied on all of the positive reviews of the hotel and booked it through we arrived were happy to see that we chose right. The hotel was very clean, super friendly, accommodating and was directly on the beach (ps: there was a tiki bar there that delivered to you beach side). We could walk to several restaurants, surf shops and everything else was a quick drive. It was exactly what we were looking for.

We read a bunch, I came up with my outline and chapters for my memoir, Nick wrote 3 songs, we watched several episodes on HGTV, daydreamed, nursed our sunburns and came home refreshed. It was so nice spending that time together doing nothing.

If you have any questions about our stay, feel free to comment below. Any ideas on where we should go next? How about you, any plans to get away on vacation soon?


acknowledging-your-accomplishments I was catching up with a friend the other night and she asked me how business was, more specifically, what I was currently working on. So, I answered.

I started off with the one project that I thought was most exciting and notable. Then I continued with another project that was also very exciting, then I started to share the next project and again, equally a very exciting project. At that very moment, I realized something. I realized that all of the projects I was currently working on were all equally notable, exciting and exactly what I wanted to be doing. I was working with my dream clients (other creatives and entrepreneurs) on projects that fill my mission, heart and soul.

After we said our goodbyes I felt like I was on top of the world - my world. I was doing what I love and loving every moment of it. Later that night when I shared this realization with my husband, I reflected on the conversation my friend and I shared and found and an abundant amount of gratitude, contentment, accomplishment and most importantly I felt like I was exactly where I was supposed to be. Yep, I was proud of myself and ok with admitting it.

I enjoyed that moment so much, that I had to share what I learned with you. So, my challenge to you is to write your accomplishments down in your notebook, journal, blog or even here in the comments below…anywhere. Just make sure you write them down and give yourself some credit for all of the amazing victories you've tackled.

Tell me, what accomplishments you've had lately? What projects are you working on that excite you? What goals have you reached?

- - -

Ever since I was a teenager, I wanted to travel the West Coast. I recall several films that captured breathtaking views of the land feeding my desire to go see it for myself. It wasn't until this summer that I finally saw it in person. My husband and I took 2 weeks to explore and drive up the entire West Coast to fulfill this dream of mine. We started in San Diego and drove all the way to Seattle, WA. One of those days we camped just off the beach near Big Sur, California where this picture was taken. Moments after I snapped this image, we saw a whale pass by. 


wanderlust-aka-i-want-to-change-and-travel-the-world I dream about traveling the world. I imagine my husband and I with backpacks, hopping trains, shaking hands with natives, eating food, wandering streets, experiencing culture and a beauty that we've never seen before.

Not only do I imagine traveling the world, I also imagine changing the world. Like a TOMS's-Shoes-kind of change the world - a one-for-one. I want to give my time and efforts to those who need it. I want to provide for my family while providing for others too. I imagine meeting people from across the United States to all over the world. I imagine getting my hands dirty and experiencing tough realities. I imagine laughing, loving and crying. Most of all, I imagine my heart happy.

For so long I've imagined this dream but never took any serious steps to make it happen. When I have a dream or idea for my business, I write it down.

SO... I'm writing it down and setting some goals. I'm announcing to you today that this is my calling and that I believe I was put on this earth to help others find beauty and strength within themselves and to help guide them to the life of their dreams.

Now that I've shared my big dream, what's yours? Do you have any trips planned? I am a novice to traveling abroad, any tips, recommendations or ideas?