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Cape Cod, MA was exactly what I expected. Bright white homes and picket fences embellished with colorful flowers, porches sprinkled with american flags and middle-aged folks dressed in pastel collared shirts with sweaters wrapped around their shoulders.

What I didn't expect was how beautiful the beaches would be. Walking through the sand and snapping these photos got me thinking about the history of the beach and the homes. Why a bunch of boulders were placed along the beach as dividers every 2-3 homes, what these worn out wooden stakes were from and if it's normal to see hundreds of horseshoe crab shells along the beach (I looked it up and it's actually very normal - it's the crab's shell that they've shed during a process known as molting).

The home had a separate wing which appeared to be a maid headquarters. There were intercoms throughout the house for maids and the owner to speak to one another. I wondered who had built the home, if they were famous or just well off. What it was like to build a home on the beach and have maids serve you. If the home was top-of-the-line back then or if it was pretty standard. If the owner planted all of the beautiful shrubs in the backyard or if they're the only things that'll grow in sand diluted ground.

Regardless of the history, we enjoyed the time together with family, lobster rolls and the ocean.