Too Busy to Blog I know, I know - taking a break from blogging is a big fopaux especially when it's how you attract your dream clients and connect with your tribe. But what happens when you really are too busy to blog?

The past few weeks I've been widely productive and living the dream (a term I've adhered to thanks to Kathleen). I've started several new projects - like website design and development for some crazy talented creatives, workshops in and out-of-town like this one and this one, hosting a bunch of family and friends and working on growing flowers and food in our own backyard.

My priorities push blogging to the bottom of the list, especially when the commitment to blog can sometimes take two or three hours.

The good news is not much has changed. I'm still reeling my dream clients, still connecting with my tribe (thank you InstagramFacebookPinterestMy Newsletter & Twitter) and still doing what I love.

It's ok to take a break if you need to. Sometimes that's how life works, you push one thing aside to make time for what's most important. 

My tip to you (if you want to stay connected with your peeps but don't have time to blog):

  • be active on your social platforms
  • send a thoughtful newsletter
  • respond to your messages and comments

If you want a temporary break from all online platforms (I did this for 9 days last Christmas and it was glorious):

  • be sure to let your readers/followers know it's about to happen
  • put an auto responder on your email
  • and let it go - because if they like what you have to say, they will be here when you get back

Anybody else experience moments when you can't find time to blog? How did you stay connected with your people?