Allergies and gardening

Today my morning began with an allergy fit. My eyes were on fire, my nose a faucet. 

Temporarily the symptoms subsided providing me with enough time to sqeeze into my spanx and get to church 10 minutes late.

After our usual grocery-shoping-post-church ritual, I watched a handful of videos on no-dig gardening. Last year I did used the lasagna garden technique. This year I'll do the same but now I know more and will learn from my mistakes. I'll also implement some things I learned today through the videos. 

There was one garderner on the youtube channel that gardened, and walked through her garden, barefoot. I like that about her. I also liked that she had a calming voice. I hope to have a garden like her some day. I subscribed to her channel. 

My allaergies have continued to be a pest today. I will get to the bottom of this. For now, I'm going to enjoy some hot chocolate in my pj's and watch a movie.