The 100 Day Project 

Starting April 2015, I embarked on a 100 painting journey inspired by Elle Luna's book and movement The Crossroads Between Should and Must. It was challenging at times to paint everyday, especially while I was pregnant, but through it I realized I enjoyed the process of painting more than the results.

Sometimes my favorite pieces are ones that make me believe more in myself. Ones I see myself in—either someone I was or someone I want to be. Meredith, an artist and creative coach living in Nashville, gives us not just this kind of work, but a lesson nearly every day, exposing her process and herself. Life is an opportunity, she shows us through her painting, and if we just let go, we’ll see it.
— Liz Danzico, chair and cofounder of MFA in Interaction Design at School of Visual Arts

With some planning and painting in clusters, I was able to complete the project just days before my son was born. Here are the paintings that I created during the 100 days. Many of these paintings have been sold but if there's a painting that resonates with you, please email me to talk about recreating a similar piece or to see if it's still available. To see each of these photos with daily words and reflections, go to my Instagram page here >>>