We are all broken

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We are all broken but it’s up to us to find the courage within and to see the beauty in our brokenness. It's up to us to see how her death has pushed us to become more than we were before she left us. Only you and I have the power to make the choice. No one else. 

We can allow her absence to kill us, day by day. Or we can choose to care for the gifts her life has given us, to cultivate a positive change and to encourage self-growth more than ever before. One day at a time we can cherish the beauty and life she gave us because we know how fleeting life truly is. 

Starting today I will transform myself into a better version of me. I will no longer sabotage myself or those around me because she’s gone. I will not remain stuck in place of gray, a holding pattern, where everything is normal and easy. I will push myself beyond what I’ve been doing. I will not get comfortable. I will be better. I will be a light for myself and those around me. I will make her proud. I will share my gift in this world–the gift she has given me. And I will approach everyday with courage, just like mom did. 

I wrote this letter today while I ran on a treadmill training for the same 5K run mom and I ran 3 years ago, just before she was diagonosed with ALS disease. I thought about how I could remember mom today on her birthday and this is what came to me as I ran in place for 3.2 miles. It's as if mom sent it to me for all of us to read. One of the last things I said to her before she passed away was that we would be ok. I hope to keep that promise with her. I also hope reading this inspires you to find the beauty in our loss and to cultivate positive change starting today, on mom's birthday. My change: I will be writing everyday (starting today) until my book is done. My questions to you...are you ok, do you need help? and what part of you is stuck that needs cultivating?