Finding Inspiration - Abstract PaintingsMy first love was drawing, my second was painting. I remember back when I was a teen I started my first painting that took nearly a year to complete. I still have that painting - maybe I'll show it to you some day. Since then I've had my artwork (mostly abstract paintings) displayed in dozens of galleries and spaces and still feel gravitated and in my element when I'm painting. For me, the painting process is all about taping into the subconscious and using movement, gravity, water and my hands to create the art. I recently started a painting for a friend and can't wait to share it with you. For now I've been pinning and collecting amazing and inspirational create be these talented artists:

From the top left, zig-zagging to the bottom right:

  1. Fede Saenz
  2. Arite Kannavos
  3. Ashley Goldberg
  4. Willem de Kooning
  5. Patricia Vargas
  6. Claire Desjardins
  7. Britt Bass
  8. Kirsten Handelmann
  9. Fede Saenz
  10. Miranda Skoczek
  11. Britt Bass
  12. Kreetta Järvenpää