5 Ways to Create a Movement Something we all have in common is our desire to change something. Our desire to make a difference, be remembered and to do big things. I watched this TED talk by Seth Godin and outlined some tips and thoughts he shared on how to create change and lead your tribe.

To create change, you must first ask yourself what is the thing you want to change?

Maybe you want to inspire woman to feel beautiful and courageous, or maybe you want to provide resources for those in need. What I want to change is the way the common core is cutting out art and music in schools and provide the resources for children to learn and experience art and music at any age. 

Now you know what you want to change, ask yourself the following:

Who are you upsetting? When you create a movement, you're going against the status quo. You're pushing against the norm and will most certainly upset someone, who is it? For example; I will upset the education system by causing a snag in their philosophy and plans of cutting out art and music and implementing the common core. 

Who are you connecting? Your tribe wants to connect with others and feel loved, missed and valued. So when you imagine the change you want to create, who are you connecting? I will be connecting children with their families, other children and most importantly with themselves. When children have art and music in their lives, they feel more creative, strong, smart, aware, beautiful and able to process anything that gets thrown their way. Read more on this topic here

Who are you leading?  Cultivating a tribe of supporters, cheerleaders and supporters is how you will make your impact reach its fullest potential. So who is it that you are leading? I will be leading parents, teenagers, children and anyone who's ever experienced art & music or supports art & music. One way I am doing this is by teaching art, calligraphy and cursive classes to all ages. 

I challenge you to answer these questions and create a movement within 30 days from today. While brainstorming your ideas and mapping out your plan, here are 5 tips to keep in mind on how to create a movement:

  1. Challenge the status quo
  2. Develop a culture
  3. Pursue curiosities
  4. Connect others
  5. Commit to your change

Want to join me in creating change in the common core and helping to implement more art & music for our next generations? Email me, comment below or join my newsletter.

So what is it you want to change? 

Photo by Sara-Lane Baskin