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21 Days of Brave Challenge

It's not easy to make the time to create, nor is it easy to find the courage to sell your art. But you're here and I believe in you! You being here tells me you're ready to: 

•complete work in less time
•create a habit of painting on a daily basis
•post your art with a price on Instagram
•learn new ways to price, prep and ship your art
•fight back against your fears and self-doubt
•explore new tools and techniques
•connect with a group of brave artists
•challenge yourself to grow!

Our goal is to: 
1) create and finish a piece of art on a daily basis & 
2) put a price on that art and offer it for sale on Instagram

The next 21 days won't be easy but they also won't be hard because I'll be guiding you every step of the way. I'll be answering real questions; offering tips on how to break through common struggles; and offering encouragement and inspiration daily. Sign up to receive those emails with the link below.

*Note* this challenge began on 11/15 and will go until 12/5