Intro to Abstract Painting Workshop
1:00 PM13:00

Intro to Abstract Painting Workshop

Intro to Abstract Painting a workshop at Amelia in Water Valley on December 2nd, from 1pm-3pm, in Water Valley, MS.

Learn the basics of how to paint abstract art with Nashville painter, Meredith C. Bullock. Whether you're a beginner or a pro and want to learn new techniques on how to paint differently, Meredith's workshop provides you with a step by step process of how to create an abstract painting using imagery and inspiration from your day to day lives. You will learn how to confidently:   

  • use and care for your tools and materials properly
  • mix paint to achieve the colors and consistency you desire
  • portray a mood and a feeling with the use of color and shape
  • transform common objects into abstract forms
  • let go of perfection and paint intuitively
  • know when a painting is done
  • use your sketches and translate them onto canvas   
  • source inspiration from other artists without copying 

Each student will be provided with paper, a pencil, a canvas, paint, brushes and a color mixing guide to participate in the class.

You'll walkaway with away with an easy technique on how to confidently paint abstract art. And you'll take home your very own canvas abstract painting that you created in class (a great christmas gift) and materials to use on your next project!

The class is 2 hours long and will be capped at 15 students. No experience necessary.

To sign up for the class, go here

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21 Days of Brave Challenge
to Dec 5

21 Days of Brave Challenge

It's not easy to make the time to create, nor is it easy to find the courage to sell your art. But you're here and I believe in you! You being here tells me you're ready to: 

•complete work in less time
•create a habit of painting on a daily basis
•post your art with a price on Instagram
•learn new ways to price, prep and ship your art
•fight back against your fears and self-doubt
•explore new tools and techniques
•connect with a group of brave artists
•challenge yourself to grow!

Our goal is to: 
1) create and finish a piece of art on a daily basis & 
2) put a price on that art and offer it for sale on Instagram

The next 21 days won't be easy but they also won't be hard because I'll be guiding you every step of the way. I'll be answering real questions; offering tips on how to break through common struggles; and offering encouragement and inspiration daily. Sign up to receive those emails with the link below.

*Note* this challenge began on 11/15 and will go until 12/5

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Intro to Abstract Painting Workshop
10:00 AM10:00

Intro to Abstract Painting Workshop

Join us for an "intro to abstract painting" class with Meredith C. Bullock, an abstract and process-based painter in Nashville, TN. This class is open to all levels of interest from beginning to expertise. All supplies will be provided for students to participate including paint, brushes, paper, canvas, and more. Each student will take home several pieces of art they created on paper and canvas plus a brush and a color mixing guide.

At a young age, art became a vehicle of self expression and communication in moments of solitude, trauma, inspiration and happiness. As an adult Meredith explored several avenues of income with art like calligraphy, design and branding until finally she was able to leave them all behind to pursue her dream of being a full-time painter.

For Meredith, painting is a therapeutic release, an expression of emotions, and a game of tug and war with her fears and limitations. She focuses primarily on the process of painting and telling stories through shapes, gestures, mark-making and movement.

Meredith has been an Etsy Featured Seller and featured on the 100 Day Project, Chairish, Oh So Beautiful Paper, Once Wed and published in Mud Season Review. She has taught dozens of creative workshops, spoken at conferences and events, founded a woman's creative retreat and occasionally paints live at music events.

To purchase tickets go here

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Courageous Creative Retreat
2:00 PM14:00

Courageous Creative Retreat

Does your creative life need an inspiring restart? Are you a working woman seeking a more artful path, or an artist looking to retreat and recharge? Do you find it difficult to make or maintain intimate connections with friends who truly understand you and respect your creative side?

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A Beautiful Retreat 2015
to Apr 19

A Beautiful Retreat 2015

A Beautiful Retreat provides a beautiful and inspiring space to encourage female creatives to let go of limitations, to lean into their fears, to connect more fully, to have fun, laugh, relax, feel beautiful, get inspired and be creative. 

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