I asked for a defining moment in her life, a victory, or how she was currently feeling, instead of the usual, which was to paint from my own emotional state. She shared her story, and then I painted. Each color, stroke, shape, and mark I felt connected to her and her story, to someone I've never met, and my hands moved for her. And in the end we were left with something beautiful. 

I found I could say things with color and shapes that I couldn’t say any other way - things I had no words for.
— Georgia O’Keeffe

Together we envision the perfect piece of art that gives your space color, shape, movement, dimension and emotion. It tells a story and captures a feeling that you experience every time you look at the painting. To begin, see instructions below. If you have any questions, simply send me a note


To get started please email me the following information:

  1. 2-4 images that capture the style, texture, fabric, paint colors or aesthetic of you're looking for. Photos of of the wall or space you'd like the artwork displayed are welcome, too.  
  2. Your desired dimensions
  3. List off 2-4 colors you'd like and 2-4 colors you definitely do not want
  4. Not required but highly encouraged: a defining moment in your life, a victory, something you overcame, a mood you want to convey

Once I've received your email, here's what you can expect:

  • An accurate quote and invoice will be emailed to you
  • Payment is split into two equal installments, the first due to initiate the project.
  • Once payment has been made, your project is added to the calendar
  • A color palette and concept will be shared with you for approval
  • A creation period of 6-12 weeks, with 2 minor revisions based on the initial commission specifications. Any further edits are $50/hr.
  • Final payment is due after approval and before shipment. If you live in Tennessee, state tax will be added.
  • Shipping will be billed seperatly upon receipt. If you're local, you're welcome to pick up the painting from my studio. Any paintings over 48×48″ will be shipped rolled in a tube (if painted on canvas) or require a special crate and shipping service. Any local framing shop can restretch your painting.
  • All sales are final and there are no returns or refunds. If damaged during shipping, a 100% refund will be issued.
  • Please see more on my policies here. 

Custom Abstract Art Pricing


5x7"  |  $40  |  $50
6x6"  |  $50  |  $65
8x8"  |  $75  |  $100
8x10"  |  $95  |  $125
10x10"  |  $120  |  $150
12x12"  |  $150  |  $200
11x14"  |  $175  |  $250
16x16"  |  $195  |  $300
16x20"  |  $220  |  $350
18x18"  |  $250  |  $375
SALE! >> 18x24"  |  $150  |  $250 
20x20"  |  $225  |  $400
20x24"  |  $250  |  $450
24x24"  |  $275  |  $500
24x30"  |  $300  |  $550
30x30"  |  $325  |  $575
24x36"  |  $350  |  $600
30x40"  |  $400  |  $650

More sizes (large and small) available, inquire within.