BRAVE Coaching & Consulting

Do you see the life you want to live but don't know the first step to getting there?

Do you feel your dreams to make money with your gifts are impossible?  

Do you feel overwhelmed with everything it might take to grow your business and therefore get stuck?

Do you feel afraid of failing? Or what might happen if you take the leap to build a business doing what you love?  

But what happens if you don't–what happens if you don't take the first step and stay exactly where you are today?

I hope you don't wait to find out. I hope you find the courage within you to take the first step towards building a life and business that you love.  

I hope you know that your art matters. Your ideas matter. Your creativity matters. Your desires matter. Your voice matters. Your story matters. Everything you have inside of you matters. 


Are you ready to take brave steps towards your dreams?

Are you ready to…

  • Clarify your vision

  • Tame your ideas

  • Break your goals into actionable (and achievable) steps

  • Map out a plan to share and grow your art, your business and your brand

  • Be held accountable to your tasks and stay on track

  • Overcome what’s holding you back

  • Receive specific-to-you guidance so that you can achieve your vision, sell your art, make more money, and have a meaningful, sustainable and profitable business?


I've worked with hundreds of creative women, entrepreneurs and artists to take brave steps towards building a business and making money doing what they love.

I share with you everything I’ve learned so that you can become the talented artist & creative you already are.


  • You receive my undivided attention for 60-minutes over live video (Skype)

  • You receive my expertise, tools and resources to help you get from where you are to where you want to go.

  • You move through your current struggles and take actionable steps towards your goals

  • You receive personalized guidance and support

  • You receive homework & exercises to focus on

  • You have the opportunity to ask questions and receive specific-to-you answers

These sessions are for…

Individuals, artists, creatives and entrepreneurs, like you, who want to overcome what holds you back so that you can become who you truly are.


What my clients are saying…

Since our coaching many wonderful things have been set in motion! Things are finally spiraling out of control in a good way.

–I finally have a website that I am proud to share with people! (remember when I didn’t want you to look at it!) see here:
–I have directed my first shoot, I participated in another, and will do my third and fourth this next week!
–My work has been published!!!!
–I am finally receiving inquiries that match my style and challenge me as an artist in the way I would like!
–I have a shop owner who is interested in having me teach a few calligraphy and brush lettering workshops on a regular basis!

The list goes on, but I seriously can’t thank you enough for your help!
— Julia M.
Meredith is great to work with because she is calm, centered, hardworking, creative and will hold you to your goals.
— Heidi B.