I'm a self-taught abstract painter with a focus on large, bold canvas and paper paintings. My artwork is known for its vibrant blocks of color and expressive gestures, sharing vulnerable moments of love, loss, bravery, struggle, fear and motherhood.  

I'm a mother to my son named Noah, a wife to this talented man, I live in Nashville, TN and I'm originally from Upstate NY, my art studio is in my home, I'm the co-founder of Courageous Creative, I love to teach, I love to garden, I prefer to listen to weird and experimental music that surprises me, I was a hairstylist for 13 years, and I'm about to have my second child (another boy) in a few weeks.

I create for artists seeking affirmation that the choice to pursue their creative path was most definitely the right choice. 

I create for woman and mothers who need a reminder that their sacrifices are always worth it and their struggles to not define them. 

I create for entrepreneurs who have worked so hard to achieve their goals and can finally surround themselves with beauty and art that evoke the strength and courage it took to get to where they are today. 

I create for businesses who want to fill their space with impactful and bold art that their customers will remember and talk about for years.

I create for interior designers who want a large, colorful centerpiece for their client's space that ties together all of the elements found in the decor. 

Learn more about how we can work together on my commissions page. 

Want to know what it looks like when I paint? Scroll down to watch a video of me painting in my home studio or go to my youtube page for more videos.  

To see my latest work and to learn more about me, go to my Instagram page. To see some of my recent paintings, go here, and to say hello (I'd love to meet you!) email me.    



I was an Etsy Featured Seller, my calligraphy work was featured on Oh So Beautiful PaperOnce WedCarats + Cake and Besotted Blog. I’ve taught dozens of creative workshops, spoke at a conference, founded a woman's creative retreat and co-founded another woman's creative retreat. My artwork has been featured on The 100 Day Project and Chairish and published in Mud Season Review



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