I'm a painter, coach, teacher and leader. I live in Nashville, Tennessee with my two sons, Noah and Elijah, and my talented musician/producer husband Nick.

I try to see the beauty in things, I prefer deep conversations over small talk, I like to listen to podcasts and weird music, I rearrange my house often, I try to drink 8 glasses of water a day, and I’m currently writing a book.  

My close relationships with friends and family are sources of inspiration I draw from everyday. As a self taught artist, I have learned just how essential personal growth is to my process. I regularly share all that I have learned with other aspiring artists and creatives through my instagram, yearly retreats and art & business workshops.

ARTIST StatEment

I paint to process the choices I make as a mother of two young sons while simultaneously excavating and magnifying memories of my recently deceased mother. Chaotic and emotive marks made in black ink, pastels or watered down paint lay the foundation for my work. Bold brush strokes are applied, loaded with semi-mixed paint and translucent shapes referencing pregnancy, body parts, and family figures. I use abstracted shapes to veil the memory of needles, tubes, medications and other objects familiar to me as I recall the experience of caring for my dying mother. My compositions are built to include comforting pinks, sunshine yellows, botanical hues, and toy colors, reminders of the joy I experience while making a home and caring for my sons. I paint with passion and dedication to process the contrast and depth of my painful but intensely beautiful story. 


I was an Etsy Featured Seller, my calligraphy work was featured on Oh So Beautiful PaperOnce WedCarats + Cake and Besotted Blog. I have taught dozens of creative workshops, served as a panelist and workshop leader at AIGA, founded a woman's creative retreat. My artwork has been featured on The 100 Day Project and Chairish and published in Mud Season Review. I co-published the Studio Planner for Artists and held a sold out Write about Your Art online workshop. I've initiated two painting challenges on Instagram with thousands of participants and contributors at #dailybraverypaintings and, most recently, #21daysofbrave.  



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