A Beautiful Retreat is a weekend event surrounded by nature, encouraging female creatives to let go of limitations, to feel beautiful and to live the life of their dreams.

At a certain point in our lives boundaries disappear, insecurities are shed and fears no longer control what we do and only encourage us to lean in and do what we fear most.

I hope to encourage this moment by providing a beautiful and inspiring space for female creatives to let go of limitations, to lean into their fears, to connect more fully, to have fun, laugh, relax, feel beautiful, get inspired and be creative.  

For my next retreat, I'll be teaming up with my dear friend Kaylan Buteyn, to host Courageous Creative Retreat. Go here for more details.   

See photos of what the retreats look like here and follow our instagram here

Lately I’ve struggled with feeling inspired, creative, and if I’m being honest, valued. I’ve been longing for a “refresh”, but had no idea how to go about it. Fortunately I heard about A Beautiful Retreat through some friends, and simply thought it would be nice to spend a weekend in nature surrounded by creative women. I never expected to walk away feeling purposeful, loved, beautiful, and focused. I also never thought seven strangers would become genuine friends. Breaking away from the world for a couple of days and being still, was exactly what I needed. I encourage anyone needing inspiration, to search for it and find your path to your refresh. It fills your soul back up and clears your head to pursue your dreams.
— Audry A.
My goodness. I am just overwhelmed with joy right now. This weekend was an absolute dream. I spent three days with 11 talented, warm, and inspiring women just filling up my happy tank with laughter, autumn leaves, boxed wine, breathtaking views, positive energy, and encouragement. I couldn’t have dreamed up anything more perfect. Thank you to Meredith and all the beautiful ladies that I met. You are all incredible and I am inspired and made better by the time I got to spend with you.
— Holley M.
The most amazing thing about the retreat is that time went by so slowly in the best way possible. I think we all felt the need to be present at every moment and I think we succeeded. So lovely to meet so many creative voices this weekend!
— Beth L.
This weekend, a group of strangers became a community and reminded each other that our rocks of fear only belong in the pit of a river, no longer able to hold us back.
— GinaMarie R.
this weekend was the best. taking some down time to let go, laugh, dream, develop intentional friendships, and be one with nature. That, my friends, is beautiful.
— Ashley S.
this retreat is a perfect get away from the stress of being in a fast paced lifestyle, find a real connection between creative minded women and feel comfortable truly being yourself.
— Claire G.
A Beautiful Retreat was inspiring, an excellent community of women, a great chance to bond, relax, create, and be in nature. There was a good balance of scheduled time and enough unstructured time to relax. Meredith did a great job of planning the sequence of activities to help foster community and bonding among the women—each activity flowed nicely into the next. I felt very comfortable with my roommate and cabinmates—it was a really nice group/mix of people.
— Lori S.